Our passion for hospitality is our driving force, but also the philosophy of GOLDEN Hotels & Resorts, a group that began its operation as a family business in 1988, with the first hotel, Golden Beach Hotel in Hersonisos, Crete. The vision of the owners was – and still is – to offer their guests high quality holidays, luxurious and comfortable accommodation and an overall experience of what “Cretan Hospitality” means in its modern version. Thanks to the consistent quality services, the values ​​that govern the business, but above all, its people who are its soul, the expansion to other accommodations was not long in coming. The Group today includes 5 privately owned hotels, SENSEANA Sea Side Resort & Aquadventure, INSULA ALBA Resort & Spa, AKASHA Beach Hotel & Spa, Golden Beach Hotel as well as KING MINOS RETREAT Resort & Spa.

Today, 30 years later, GOLDEN Hotels & Resorts , a constantly growing Group characterized by love for luxury, reliability, excellence, style and social sensitivity, decides to reposition itself on the map of Greek hospitality as a strong player, with a renewed profile .

The idea behind the Brand

Gold is precious. Anything made of gold has a high value. The jewelry is made of gold. Treasures contain gold items. The word “gold” also describes the sun. Its reflection in the water in the summer, its light but also its precious entity. Beauty and high value are characterized as precious. GOLDEN Hotels & Resorts have value because they embrace Cretan Hospitality in a landscape bathed in light, in a pristine nature, with a temperate climate. Crete itself is a manifesto of the great Minoan culture, healthy cuisine and good quality of life, prosperity, abundance and authentic lifestyle. All these values ​​have been adopted by GOLDEN Hotels & Resorts and their entire philosophy is based on the authentic and the precious.